Jon Voight: Newsom ‘Weak’: Gender-Neutral Law Against ‘God’s Plan’

Academy Award winner Jon Voight, through videos posted on Twitter, lambasted California Gov. Gavin Newsom for signing legislation requiring gender-neutral retail departments in the state’s stores, accusing him of having “given our rights to the devil” and going against “God’s plan.”

The “Midnight Cowboy” star posted two videos on Twitter Tuesday night, labeling the Democrat governor as “weak” and calling him a “disgrace to mankind.”

In the first video, Voight is shown against the backdrop of an American flag, and calls the bill’s passage a “disgrace to the American dream.”

“This is a disgrace to our Constitution, our God-given rights and morals,” Voight said. “Newsom, you are a disgrace to mankind. You’re a weak man who can’t stand for truths.”

He also accused the governor of having “double-talked our rights” and of going against the U.S. Constitution, which he described as a “special code of truths.”

“You have double-talked our rights,” he added. “We’re a nation of our Constitution that was given by our forefathers. It’s a special code of truths.”

On Saturday Newsom signed a new law that made California the first state to have a rule that requires large department stores to display products like toys and toothbrushes in gender-neutral ways. The law doesn’t outlaw boys’ and girls’ sections in department stores, but says they must also have a gender-neutral section that displays a “reasonable selection” of items “regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys.”

The law has been cheered by LGBT advocates who say pink and blue hues of traditional marketing methods are pressuring children to conform to gender stereotypes.

Voight, though, in his first video, accused Newsom of interfering with a child’s natural progression and interfering with God. 

“Our children of yesteryear have grown to be scholars with honors, ones of creativity,” he said. “Now you’re helping to change what God has asked of all. You have given our rights to the devil and this is not God’s plan.”

He also called on the governor to refrain from pushing “chaos and confusion” on children’s “young psyches,” and insisted that people should be allowed to “be what they want to be— a man, woman, gay, left, right, it’s a plan of one’s own rights.” He did however insist children shouldn’t be pushed toward either side.

“Let the force of God’s plan be the truth, the way God intended,” he said. “We’re a nation of God’s honor and respect for all souls: one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

In his second video, Voight accused Newsom and his supporters of engaging in a “new line of truths” that are “lies.” 

“They are preaching lies for all of us to take those truths, their truths, and this is destroying our new children’s future,” he claimed. “Stand up now, speak loud and let us bring back our true gift of God, the gift of our Ten Commandments.”

He also accused California’s leaders of pushing lies about gender in the same way that they “pushed the lie” about fighting COVID-19, including “the lie of masks [and] the lie of shots.”

And with the law, the “lie” is being pushed “to show it’s OK to be unsure of one’s role of femininity or masculinity,” claimed Voight.

“I am for freedom of one’s own body but keep to one’s own,” he said. “Don’t show it’s OK for our children to convert this to our society.”

Instead, children should be taught to be proud of the United States, said Voight. 

“Let our American flag with her stripes, her stars, her honor, her truths wave proudly for the respect she has fought for, for her dreams, her freedom, her truth, and her heroes and the greatest gift: freedom, honor, and love for all life,” he added. “God bless.”


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