An armed attack on a prison in Mexican border city Juarez leaves at least 14 dead

On Sunday, the Mexican authorities said at least 14 people died in an armed attack at a prison situated in Juarez’s northern border an a later armed aggression caused two more fatalities elsewhere in the city.

State prosecutor of Chihuahua said in a statement that among the deaths in the prison attack were 10 security personnel and four inmates, while another 13 were hurt and at least 24 escaped.

The prosecutor informed that it was found in the initial investigations that the attackers arrived at around 7 a.m., local time, in armored vehicles and open fired. The perpetrator of the attack is not immediately clear.

A few minutes earlier, authorities reported an attack against municipal police nearby. Four men were captured after a chase and a truck was seized.

Two more drivers died in a different part of the city later that day, following what authorities called an armed aggression.

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