Fallout 2024

[Series review] Fallout 2024

Fallout 2024 For those unfamiliar with the gaming world, “Fallout” began as a role-playing video game series, first released in 1997 by Black Isle Studios. This post-apocalyptic series quickly became a cult favorite. Players initially took on the role of a Vault dweller, tasked with venturing into a post-nuclear wasteland to find a crucial battery…

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[Review] argylle (2024)

Argylle (2024) is a high-octane spy thriller set against the backdrop of global espionage and high-stakes action. The film follows the journey of Elly Argylle, an amnesiac spy who begins to recover her memory after a routine mission goes catastrophically wrong. As fragments of her past begin to surface, Elly discovers that she is part…

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